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Defense & Security

Defense & Security

Defense & Security Systems (D&SS) provides protection, safety and security to the world's defense organizations through radar subsystems and upgrades; ground based radar; and performance and optimization tools.


Defense & Security

Radar Data Extraction, Conversion, & Fusion

Saab Sensis Radar Data Extraction, Conversion & Fusion products are modular in design and can be purchased individually or integrated for a complete solution. Condition and manage data for integration of multiple radars into command and control facilities with the Multi-Scan Correlator; format and convert data with the Automation Interface Unit, Systems Interface Unit and Target Data Extractor; and extract and report real-time weather contours with the Weather Data Extractor.


Radar, Upgrades, & Service Life Extensions

Saab Sensis, formerly Sensis, was founded by former General Electric system engineers who designed an advanced family of solid state long range radar systems. Saab Sensis’ depth of expertise in radar development draws from these founders and is powerfully augmented by engineers representing a variety of disciplines.

Saab Sensis radar upgrades and service life extensions provide substantial cost savings from reduced operational expenses and saved acquisition costs associated with purchasing a new system. Application of modern electronics and advanced processing can greatly increase the service life and improve the performance and reliability of existing radar systems. Additionally, upgrades significantly reduce the size, weight, and power requirements while using commercial-off-the-shelf technology.


Case Studies:

Missile Defense Simulation & Evaluation

Saab Sensis Missile Defense Simulation & Evaluation products determine the most effective organic sensor configurations for anti-air warfare missions through our Expeditionary Planner and Radar Optimizer. Further, our Radar Environment Simulator provides detailed engineering design verification, test and debug of a host radar’s signal and data processor, while providing an arena for simulating wartime scenarios.



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