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Sensis Corporation and Raytheon company team for FAA’s asde-x program

Sensis Corporation and Raytheon company team for FAA’s asde-x program

March 23, 2000 - News

Sensis Corporation and Raytheon Company have teamed in responding to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Screening Information Request (SIR) for the Airport Surface Detection Equipment (ASDE-X) acquisition. The Sensis/Raytheon team offers unparalleled sensor expertise, worldwide product installations and air traffic management systems integration experience in the acquisition’s five core enabling technologies: multilateration surveillance, surface movement radar, Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B), multi-sensor data fusion and control tower display equipment. The Sensis/Raytheon team is ready to provide a turn-key airport surface surveillance solution giving controllers the ability to enhance airport safety and efficiency in all weather conditions.

The number of U.S runway incursions, incidents that present safety hazards, has jumped 75% since 1993, from 186 to 327 in 1999, according to the FAA. The FAA is currently taking aggressive initiatives both procedural and technological to reverse this trend. The ASDE-X program is a cornerstone of the FAA’s technological initiative integrating data from transponder multilateration surveillance systems and surface movement radars onto modern ATC displays.

The surface movement radar uses traditional surface radar principles to track aircraft non-cooperatively by measuring their reflected energy. Transponder multilateration systems interact with the aircraft’s transponder avionics already installed on aircraft, and utilize advanced time-difference-of-arrival processing to determine the aircraft position and identification. The multilateration system complements the surface movement radar much like secondary surveillance radar compliments primary surveillance radar in the terminal and enroute environment. The fusion of surveillance data from these sources enables the presentation of aircraft position estimates labeled with flight call-signs on controller displays with an accuracy, update rate and reliability suitable for improving airport safety by reducing runway incursions.

Sensis Corporation offers its field proven Multistatic Dependent Surveillance (MDS) multilateration system to detect and track aircraft equipped with Mode S, ATCRBS and ADS-B transponders. A Sensis MDS multilateration system is currently installed and operating at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). The FAA selected the Sensis MDS system in a competitive procurement for the Airport Target Identification System (ATIDS) program. Sensis MDS systems are also being installed at airports in Frankfurt Germany, London’s Heathrow and Memphis, Tennessee.

Raytheon offers an enhanced version of its X-band surface movement radar and radar data processing system which are installed and operating at airports in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Delhi and Mumbai, India. The new configuration provides significant surveillance performance and operational benefits including low ownership costs over currently available products.

Sensis and Raytheon share a decade of successful teaming on air traffic management and air defense projects. The companies complement each other in ways which maximize the benefits of each other’s experience, processes and organization. Together the Sensis/Raytheon team offers a suite of field-proven products and a commitment to improving the safety, capacity and efficiency of the air traffic system in the United States.