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Provides accurate surveillance and identification of all transponder equipped aircraft on the airport surface or in the air.



Saab Sensis Multilateration is a highly capable cooperative surveillance and data link system that combines transponder multilateration, Mode S data link and Traffic Information Service into one integrated package. Additionally, multilateration supports simultaneous reception of Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) long squitter messages with no equipment modifications.

The system provides accurate surveillance and identification of all transponder equipped aircraft on the airport surface or in the air utilizing both ADS-B and multilateration. It also supports industry standard Mode S data link services. The MDS system seamlessly accommodates aircraft equipped with Mode A/C, Mode S, Mode 3A, TCAS and 1090 Extended Squitter.

Multilateration provides DGPS accuracy on non-GPS equipped aircraft operating on the airport surface. It can be used to reduce runway incursions, maintain capacity in low visibility, optimize ramp and gate operations and decrease aircraft taxi delays. Additionally, multilateration has been proven to provide surveillance performance equivalent or better than standard secondary surveillance radar over both terminal and en-route areas. Used for air surveillance, multilateration can provide surveillance data equivalent to or better than rotating cooperative radar at a much lower life cycle cost.

Furthermore, the distributed network of sensors used by the multilateration system enables flexible coverage that can conform to difficult terrain, providing surveillance where none was possible before.

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