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Advanced – Surface Movement Guidance & Control System (A-SMGCS)


is a proven solution, with existing systems revealing significant improvements in safety, capacity and cost savings.


Advanced – Surface Movement Guidance & Control System (A-SMGCS)

Saab Sensis Advanced – Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) is a proven solution, with existing systems revealing significant improvements in safety, capacity and cost savings.

The Saab Sensis A-SMGCS utilizes multiple surveillance sources such as PSR, SSR, SMR, a transponder multilateration system, an ADS-B vehicle tracking system and an advanced multi-sensor fusion processor to provide a comprehensive surveillance picture of the airport surface. Data is presented on an integrated display that features an HMI developed in full consultation with Air Traffic Controllers.

The Saab Sensis A-SMGCS is designed to be deployed as a turnkey or modular system – as an end-to-end system, an upgrade to an existing system or an extension for an existing partial system. Its highly flexible architecture reduces risk and installation time and allows for future upgrades.

Through its core components, the Saab Sensis A-SMGCS enables safety, efficiency and capacity improvements on the airport surface and throughout the system.

Saab Sensis A-SMGCS is being deployed at more than 40 airports worldwide.

Saab Sensis A-SMGCS Core Components

Saab Sensis Corporation is the leading and trusted provider of the first and most critical A-SMGCS component – Surveillance.

Accurate surveillance data forms the basis of any integrated surface management system. Saab Sensis Corporation’s high-performance surface movement radar (SMRi) is a highly reliable, low cost, solid-state X-Band radar with state of the art digital control. The fully solid-state X-Band radar has a much lower maintenance and life-cycle cost when compared with traditional X or Ku-Band radars. Advanced Radar Data Processor (RDP) signal processing techniques provide seamless weather performance and eliminate multipath and stationary targets.

Yet primary surveillance data alone does not provide enough performance or information required by an A-SMGCS system. Saab Sensis Multilateration is a secondary surveillance system that directly interacts with all Mode S, ATCRBS or ADS-B- equipped aircraft and vehicles for positive identification and location information. Saab Sensis is the multilateration provider of choice for the world’s most complex and busiest airports, and has been selected for more of the top 250 international airports than any other provider.

Fusion tracking is a critical element in providing a reliable, accurate output that is free from false position reports and resultant nuisance alerts to controllers.

Saab Sensis Corporation offers a state of the art Multi-Sensor Data Processor (MSDP) and fusion processor that performs plot level fusion and real-time sensor registration. The fusion of the radar, multilateration and ADS-B data enables the best estimate of target location using multiple data sources. The Saab Sensis approach enables the strengths of each individual sensor to overcome the weaknesses of the other sensors, yielding optimal results.

The Safety Logic function is hosted on the MSDP processors. Saab Sensis Safety logic is a state of the art algorithm utilizing the output of a fusion processor to provide the most reliable alert functions to date. The stringent requirements of the FAA’s ASDE-X program have led to innovative algorithms that allow the Conflict Alert feature to function in an operational environment without having to turn off many of the alerts.

Situational displays were developed based on visual specifications provided by a working group of Air Traffic Controllers. These full-color displays present the system’s fused, multi-sensor surveillance data for accurate, reliable surveillance in all weather conditions. Displays can also support additional functionality including data recording/playback, system status monitoring and decision support tools.

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